It all began with corn

Utopia was built with the intention of becoming totally self-sustaining. This is a work in progress but we are well under way! We have transformed a 15-acre cornfield into a food forest and we have big visions for the future. 

Planted over 10,000 trees!

2,500 cacao trees
3,000 hard wood trees
800 coconut trees
250 orange trees
250 lime trees
50 avocado trees
50 mango trees
50 macadamia nut trees
100 lychee trees
100 acorn trees
50 eucalyptus trees
200 flowering trees  
25 pepper trees
25 cinnamon trees
5 peach trees
10 ceiba trees
20 black walnut trees
And many more trees

2 km Walking Trail

We have created a 2-kilometer walking trail around our land with rope bridges, meditation areas and places to connect with nature. 

Utopia is a work in progress and will never be competed but it’s a labor of love.

Our intention is to show the local community and tourists how we can transform a property and not only make it beautiful, but make it a profitable food forest.

Future Projects

Our permaculture project is in its beginnings and the first step is to grow food enough for ourselves and the guests. Once we cover our own food needs, the plan is to give the excess food to the local community for those willing to come and learn about organic farming and food forests.

In addition to trees, we have already planted over:
2,000 coffee plants
2,000 cardamom plants
1,000 turmeric plants
1,000 ginger plants
100 vanilla plants
1,000s of flowers
Many varieties of orchids

Socially Conscious.

As you can see, we have come a long way, but we are only just starting the journey. Utopia is more than just a hotel, it’s a way of life for us and our family. We hope you can come and connect to the magic we call home.