We offer a variety of Vegetarian / Vegan to indulge yourselves during your stay at Utopia.

Homemade Drinks:

Refreshing: Limonada, Rosa de Jamaica, Coconut Water, Fresh Pressed Orange Juice, Watermelon Juice, Cacao Iced Tea w/ Ginger & Lime, Seasonal Fruit Smoothies, Kombucha (Lemon, Jamaica, Cacao, Chai). 
Hot: Coffee, Tea's, Moringa Tea (from our farm), Hot Chocolate.
* Dependent on availability.


(Includes Coffee or Tea's)
- Típico; Eggs (w/ tomatoes and onions, if desired), Beans, and 3 Tortillas or Homemade Bread. Side of Fruits.
- 3 Pancakes, Eggs (w/ tomatoes and onions, if desired). Side of Fruits.
- Oatmeal with Fruits. 


We serve a family style lunch. Snacks are available through the day upon request.


Every night, we offer home-cooked vegetarian / vegan meals, served family style.  At Utopia, we make as much as we can from scratch and incorporate what we can from our farm and garden. We finish our full course meal with a dessert. 

Sweet Treats (Vegan):

- Chocolate Mousse
- Bliss Balls
- Cacao Crunch
- Assorted Gourmet Chocolates
- Chocolate Truffles
- Banana Ice Cream
- Choco Banana
- Banana Chocolate Cake
- Avocado Chocolate Cake
* Dependent upon availability.