Freedom in nature.
Freedom in nature.
Freedom in nature.
Freedom in nature.

Freedom in nature.


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Reconnect with your roots in your own private space in the jungle.

In this ever-changing world, nature continues to give us space to grow and find freedom. We are excited for traveling to be re-opening and this is why we are offering the opportunity to enjoy Utopia with all inclusive packages starting at $250USD per week where you will be able to enjoy:

- Yoga Shala.

- Calisthenics gym.

- Three healthy meals a day (Vegan and vegetarian options).

- Home-made drinks.

- Walk around the cacao plantation.

- Bird watching.

- River relaxation.

All the delicious meals will be delivered to your room daily. As well as more than 16 acres of nature with river access to wander and connect with yourself. All of our outdoors area will be available for individual use only.

* Minimum 1 week stay or Contact Us for shorter all inclusive stays. Semuc champey entrance not included. Park availability depending on government regulations. 

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