What does Semuc Champey mean?

What does Semuc Champey mean?

Semuc Champey should definitely be on your list while visiting Guatemala. 

The natural beauty and magic you experience going deep into the jungle, discovering these stunning and cascading infinity pools is a surreal feeling.

The meaning of the name “Semuc Champey” comes from the indigenous language Q'eqchi' which means: “where the river hides”.

After walking up a steep 2 km trail through densely forested mountains you'll see the magnificent waterfall and the turquoise, cascading pools from high above.

The lime stone structures of Semuc Champey were formed by shells and fossils from thousands of years ago. Naturally they fell down more than 500 meters, creating a canyon over 300 meters wide.

These picturesque, stepped style, natural pools became a famous site visited by people from all over the world. It is a perfect spot to take a relaxing swim, explore the abundance, beauty and the variety of flora and fauna.

Semuc Champey broken down also has its own meaning:

“Semuc” means The View 

“Cham” means Deep

“Pey” means Rocks

Taking your time either on your own or with a tour is a beautiful way to spend your day here. Exploring all the hidden nooks and secret spots. Just be and embrace the jungle vibes by enjoying nature, views and sounds it is simply spectacular.

From the last of the seven pools the Cahabon river flows into another waterfall. After that, it continues and passes Utopia Eco Hotel, Chi Bocol Community Hostel, Pachamaya Hostel and merges with the stunning Rio Dulce which is a 6.5 hour drive.

Semuc Champey is a natural wonder you should not miss. Find more information, visit our activities page.


Photos by Eleana Morgan-Rangou