How to get to Utopia Eco Hotel

How to get to Utopia Eco Hotel

To get to Utopia Eco Hotel in Semuc Champey there are different options. Depending on your budget and preferred mode of transportation you choose the option that best suits you, either by shuttle, by public bus, or your own transportation. 

How to get to Utopia Eco Hotel by shuttle

To reach Utopia fast and comfortably, a shuttle by a tour operator is recommended. Several travel agencies offer shuttles to Lanquín from different cities in Guatemala. You can book your trip by contacting us when you make a reservation or book in the hotel you are currently staying. 

Once you have booked your journey, contact us to let us know what day you will arrive in Lanquín. We will then arrange for a free pick up service to bring you from Lanquín to Utopia Eco Hotel. 

How to reach Utopia Eco Hotel by public bus

For a more budget friendly option, but also more consuming and less comfortable, make use of the public bus system to reach Lanquín. Again, once you reach Lanquín, simply contact us to arrange for a transport to Utopia free of charge.

From Antigua you would take a bus heading to Coban, often stopping in Guatemala City as well. From Coban take a bus to Lanquín. This journey would cost around 6 USD. 

Getting to Utopia Eco Hotel by own transport

If you own a car or are renting one, you can reach us per your own transport as well. We offer free parking on the premises.

However, we strongly recommend that the vehicle you bring has 4-wheel drive!

The road from Lanquín to Utopia Eco Hotel on the banks of the Cahabon river is rocky and unpaved. When it has rained it can be muddy as well. To avoid having to drive yourself, you can choose to safely park your car in Lanquín and use our free transport to get to and from Utopia Eco Hotel. 

Plan enough time at Utopia Eco Hotel!

Getting to Utopia Eco Hotel will generally take about a day. Plan sufficient time for your stay here to allow for two days of travelling as well; one day to reach us, and one day to leave. 

Besides the Semuc Champey tour, our hotel offers an amazing Chocolate Tour and several free activities, such as a Jungle gym, walking trails, swimming holes and free daily yoga classes